Scrap Metal Prices in the UK

Scrap metal prices UK are high for a number of reasons such as the fact that there are a lot of metal construction works here that have either been abandoned or are currently in need of demolition, and there is a significant amount of manufacturing here in the UK – there is always waste associated with manufacturing. Scrap metal recycling in the UK alone is nearly worth nearly £6 billion annually. Metal manufacturing is one of the UK’s biggest areas of manufacturing, and typically just over half of all metal recycling in the UK is exported.

Current scrap prices:

Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices UK (£/tonne):

ferrous scrap metal prices UK 1






Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices UK (£/tonne):

ferrous scrap metal prices UK 2






Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices UK (£/tonne):

ferrous scrap metal prices UK 3






Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices UK (£/tonne):

ferrous scrap metal prices UK 4






Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices UK (£/tonne):

nonferrous scrap metal prices UK 1






Non-Ferrous Scrap Metal Prices UK (£/tonne):

nonferrous scrap metal prices UK 2






Aluminum Can Scrap Metal Prices UK (£/tonne):

aluminum can scrap metal prices UK






Steel Can Scrap Metal Prices UK (£/tonne):

steel can scrap metal prices UK







The basics of scrap metal collection

Scrap metal basics can be summed up by two major components: knowing where to find scrap metal and knowledge on the UK scrap metal prices. Not only is scrap metal easily available all over the place, it can also make a very serious and smart investor rich. A little knowledge and knowhow about the proper investing is still needed though, and here are the essential things one really needs to know:

  • Proper knowledge on scrap metal prices UK. In order for anyone to properly make a fortune through scrap metal waste collection, then you need to have a proper working knowledge of the various price of scrap metal not only in the UK but also all over the world as well. It is very important to know if you will be making more money through local or international channels, especially if you don’t want to lose millions of money by trading or selling in a market with very low returns
  • Knowledge on where to get scrap metal. In order for anyone to sell they need to know where to get scrap metal first. There are various sites in the UK that can easily provide scrap metal parts such as decommissioned railways, old shipyards, car junkyards and even manufacturing companies focusing on aluminum tin cans for goods distribution
  • What types of scrap metal to collect. Not all scrap metal are equal when it comes to pricing, and the quality of the scrap metal you collect and recycle or sell will actually dictate how much money you can make


The price of scrap metal and the businesses that took off because of it

The scrap metal prices UK severely influenced a lot of industries, specifically the waste collection industry as well as all of the other industries below:

  • Demolition industry. Construction alone requires metric tons of steel and metal for foundation, structural components and even finishing materials. The wasted amount of metal unused normally goes straight to the junkyard, but it can easily be converted to recyclable scrap metal
  • The waste collection industry. The waste collection industry normally collects garbage, but recent developments and progress in recycling methods has made it possible to convert certain waste products to useable and profitable products. Given the amount of scrap metal being produced each day and the benefits of recycling scrap metal, then the scrap metal industry tends to get a lot more profitable and can also benefit a lot of other industries.
  • The recycling industry. As previously stated above, waste usually gets recycled, and scrap metal recycling is a much better alternative than mining for metal and subjecting it for the process of creating virgin metal and ready for commercial use
  • The reselling industry. Reselling recycled scrap metal is a really booming industry, especially since the scrap metal industry is a much cheaper alternative to using virgin metal for multiple-purposes
  • The Green industry. Recycling and waste collection is only the tip of the iceberg, because the recent big push for everything green give a really good nod to everything that involves reusing old resources to create new ones, such as with scrap metal


Waste collection as a means to earn money?

Waste collection is not only a means to make the earth greener, but it is also a means to earn money. Throughout the years, the quality of trash has definitely improved especially because of the rate commercialism is going. scrap metal prices go for a really huge amount of money because of the advantages it brings to the environment and what it means in a modern setting:

  • Scrap metal prices UK are high because of the need for recycling.
  • Scrap metal recycling reduces energy consumption.
  • Scrap metal collecting is really good for the environment.